Saturday, September 26, 2009

Tupac Shakur lost interview parts 3-4

Parts 3 and 4 of 2pac's lost interview were released. It seems Tupac blames Puff Diddy for shooting him. The first shooting of course. :D

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Jay-Z disses 50 cent

50 Cent said some while ago that if Kanye West would have interrupted his speech, he would have blacked his eye. Recently an interviewer told Jay-Z that Kanye wouldn't have done this to 50 Cent.So Jay-Z stated that nobody is scared of 50 Cent.

Drake, Kanye,Wayne, Em - Forever(Music Video)

The "Forever" music video has been released. There are some Cameos in it, like all the four members of Slaughterhouse and Alchemist sitting in the background while Eminem spits its verse. Birdman also sits next to Wayne while he sings his part.
Kanye has a verse where he says something about Barack Obama ruling the world.About a week ago Obama said that Kanye was an "jackass" when he interrupted Taylor Swift's speech at the VMAs.

Of course... Eminem steals the show :D. Watch the video :

Drake, Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Eminem - Forever

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Tupac Shakur lost interview

Great news for all the 2pac fans out there ! One more interview with Tupac Shakur,one of the greatest rap icons, was revealed. Check it out here :

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

KRS-One & Buckshot – Survival Skills

KRS-One and Buckshot made an album toghether named "Survival Skills". The two hip-hop legends have many other artists on the album such as Immortal Technique, Slug of Atmosphere, Mary J. Blige.Overall the album is worth listening and so is the all discography of these guys. Here is the music video of "The Official Death of Autotune" a.k.a. "Robot".

Krs-One & Buckshot "Robot" Music Video:

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Eminem wins VMA

Eminem just won a moonman at the VMAs 2009. He won in the Best Hip-Hop Video category. Many people thought Kanye West would win this. He made a foul out of himself by stealing Taylor Swift's moment. He thought that Beyonce deserved the prize Taylor got so he thought he should say this to everybody. Pink then said Kanye is a piece of sh*t and she also said that he got kicked out of the VMAs and his performance was canceled. Do you think Kanye will beef with Pink ? Knowing the lyricist skills Kanye has... I think Pink could win this easily>:) .
Jay-Z performed a song with Alicia Keys.It was a nice performance so I thought you should see it:

Friday, September 11, 2009

50 Cent not dissing Jay

50 Cent says he wasn't dissing Jay-Z in his music video. Here is the interview :

"It was the glasses. They saw the glasses. I didn't Photoshop glasses on him. I think Jay is really conscious of his actual moves. He does those things to make a statement in different ways to create clarity that he doesn't have to be the way people want him to be. He can do what he wants. But [I wrote the song] out of the perspective of me mentioning things I thought were interesting. I even wrote, 'Em made me a star and Dre is taking a long time to mix my records. I gotta talk to Jimmy [Iovine] about it.' I wrote about Britney Spears. I said a lot of interesting things on the record, but they focus on Jay because his album is releasing. Of course, with those marketing dollars being spent, he's the focus. The new XXL, there's about 40 pages of Jay-Z on there. That boy is serious when it comes to his [album] layout. ... When it comes time for him to have companies market and promote him as a brand, he does a great job."

Soulja Boy wants Em and Jay on his album

Soulja Boy recently said that he would like to have Jay-Z and Eminem on his album. He thinks he has a better shot at Eminem because they're on the same label. And since Eminem made a song with Lil' Wayine, Kanye West and Drake, that wouldn't surprise me. He thinks he can make Diddy put a good word for him at Jay-Z.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Chino XL – Nahh

I think Chino XL is a really good lyricist and I think he pretty much killed this track. Listen to it and tell me what do you think.
Chino XL – Nahh

Sunday, September 6, 2009

50 Cent disses Jay-Z (Flight 187)

This is what 50 Cent thinks of Jay's looks : "Jay rockin' that Urkel look, isn't he from Marcy?/ They say he growing dreads and now he's taking like a Yardie". Jay-Z said competition for him is only Nas and Eminem, not Jim Jones and not The Game. Do you think he is going to answer 50 Cent's diss ?

50 Cent - Flight 187(Jay-Z Diss)(Official Music Video)

Benzino is back

Great , huh ? Of course he disses Eminem again... And Slaughterhouse . The track sounds like there are two songs played at the same time. Of course the lyrics are even worse. I remember that some time ago Benzino even wanted to make a track with Eminem. Sounds like a Rick Ross kind of diss ;).
The track is called : Benzino - Good Fellaz (Dissing Eminem & Slaughterhouse).

Rick Ross on Eminem's "Forever" verse

Eminem was called a "honkey" by Rick Ross some time ago. In the same time Rick Ross said he was a huge Eminem fan. That sound a little stupid to me... Now, Rick Ross praies Shady's verse in "Forever", a song which featured Lil Wayne, Kanye West and Drake. Then he said that he would like to battle Em, even team with Mariah Carey to do so. And finished just as stupid as the first time he dissed Eminem : "Like I said, he might wanna do a record with me." . So... Does Rick Ross want to battle or have a collaboration with him ? Because to me, those two sound different.

I think he should learn something from the "Forever" track. Eminem will murder you on your own song if given the chance. Commercial rappers make a fool of themselves by being on the same song with him.

Some time ago I asked myself in a post "How come so-called hip-hop artists like Rick Ross diss real MCs like Eminem ?"(Here) .Here's how...

Jay-z explains why he does not beef

Jay-Z said in a recent interview that he doesn't respond to disses from Jim Jones and The Game because they are not real competition. Hova explained :"I mean, Game, I'm his f*cking idol" "Like Jim Jones? That's ridiculous to me.". He also mentioned battles that would be worth fighting :
"Competition for me -- is Nas, Eminem."

Frankly I think Nas and Eminem are not on the same level with Jay. They are both better. What do you think ?

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Jay-Z ft Young Jeezy - Real As It Gets (The Blueprint 3 leak)

Jay-Z's new album The Blueprint 3 is set to be released in the US on September 11, 2009 and there were rumors about a head to head battle against 50 Cent's new album. Sadly, the album ended up on the internet. Here is a track with Young Jeezy. Tell me what you think about it !

Jay-Z Ft Young Jeezy - Real As It Gets Lyrics